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Capriana is one of the smallest municipalities of the Fiemme Valley and also includes Maso Bait, Carbonare, Rover, Maso Lio, Maso Casel and Maso Cao de Villa. With its 607 inhabitants, is located at the South-Western of the Valle di Fiemme bordering Valle di Cembra, lying on a slope from where you can enjoy a beautiful view. The country has a young tourism with excellent prospects of continuation. Between the 10th and 12th century, the counts of Appiano called to Capriana "roncadores" pioneers who began to make the land cultivable. The first settlement was probably Carbonare, so named for the production of coal from oak wood. A favorite destination for nature lovers and tranquility, the village is close to the vineyards of  Valle di Cembra, the oldest fromTrentino,from Capriana you can climb to the pastures and woods of the Trudner Horn nature park. Following the European walking route E5 you get ai Prati del Toro, Lago Bianco (1,675 m) and Lago Nero (1,717 m), to the Summit of Monte Corno (1,815 m); da Prà del Manz al Passo Cisa until Malghette (1,628 m), in the nearby town of Anterivo (South Tyrol). The village is only 15 kilometers from Cavalese, capital of Valle di Fiemme, and then from the Alpe Cermis to reach the Pampeago-Obereggen are 30 kilometers to reachCastellir Bellamonte-Lusia are 40 kilometers. Through the panoramic road of the Valle di Cembra you reach Trento, the provincial capital in 48 kilometers, and to reach Bolzano the  is 51 kilometer.
To visit in Capriana there is the church dedicated to Saint Bartholomew and Saint Lazarus of 1216 a.d. (rebuilt in 1865 after a fire and recently restored) and the small church of the village of Carbonare. To Capriana was born, lived and died, Maria Domenica Lazzeri  "L’ Addolorata". Called by the people “Beata Meneghina”, Maria Domenica Lazzeri was born in 16 March 1815 in Capriana, she lived for  14 years motionless in her bed, no drinking and no eating, and, died at 33 years. Every Fridays he was bleeding profusely from her wounds. In 1995 the Archbishop of Trent celebrated the opening of the beatification process. Its ancient mill, still working, today has turned into a small museum.

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